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Russian Dictionary for crochet, knitting and the other needle arts

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How to learn to Read Crochet Symbols the Duplet crochet magazines Journal MOD and crochet for beginner

At the end of the black and white pages of every Duplet Crochet Magazine is a crochet symbol guide with illustrated how-to’s of the various crochet stitches. The symbols and illustrations are also accompanied by explanations in the Russian language.

In order to fully use the Duplet magazines, it is best to have some knowledge of the Russian language. There are several Russian language resources with particular focus on crochet, knitting and the other needle arts, for example this Dictionary

A good grasp of crochet symbols is likewise crucial, particularly if one is not fluent in Russian language.

These crochet symbols are “international symbols”, there are some variations in the symbols.

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